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Bacon Bites - Large Plush Pig

Price $29.95 


Bacon Bites - Small Plush Pig

Price $19.95 


Bacon Bites - Milk Chocolate

Price $21.95 

Bacon Bites - Milk Chocolate w/Peanut Butter

Price $21.95 


Bacon Bites - Bacon Butter

Price $16.95 


Bacon Bites - Set of Two (2) 2 oz. Bags

Price $21.95 

Slab Bacon

Slab Bacon Products

Price $18.00 


Bacon Bites - Original

Price $21.95 


Bacon Bites - Peanut Butter

Price $21.95 

Bacon Bites - Set of Two (2) Bacon Bars

Price $21.95 


The Original Bacon Cookbook

Price $7.95 


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